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La Sotria di Frosolone

Frosolone is an ancient village with ancient traditions, which offers it's visitors and tourists the chance to relive history, to visit the beautiful places and live among the people of the country. Those who have visited, truly love this place and can attest that it permeates the atmosphere of a welcoming and familiar community, beyond the walls of ancient buildings, beyond the horizon up to the mountain, over and over again in the streets of the country, you can fully grasp the entire beauty of unspoilt nature. Frosolone is a small town which lies at the foot of a mountain, in the green province of Isernia. It offers views of unparalleled beauty, coupled with an impressive architectural heritage that bears witness to the succession of civilizations and cultures. The magic of this ancient village surrounds every visitor and makes him feel at peace with the world, yet never satisfied with innovations and discoveries that Frosolone is always ready to offer. This place, while keeping intact through centuries of history, tastes and smells of ancient times, it is perfectly suited to our modern requirements, not making us ever lose the right dimension of time. If, in the silence of the alleys, you hear the noise of the hammer being beat onto the anvil, do not be surprised to find a twenty year old young man working in a shop as was in the ancient times, he is most likely the great-grandson of an old craftsman who has taken up the trade.

The original italian story along with much more can be found at Comune di Frosolone (IS)

Comune di Frosolone (IS)

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